Does anyone have access to GM's standard documentation GMW8762? This covers the messages broadcast over the High Speed (HS) GMLAN canbus. It would be mighty handy right about now.

I have been capturing data and have found the message for the gear shifter position from the TCM43 6l80e transmission.

The message ID 0x1F5 broadcasts the PRNDL gear selector status (byte 4)

1F5 0F0F000100000300 = Park
1F5 0F0F000200000300 = Reverse
1F5 0F0F000300000300 = Neutral
1F5 0F0F000400000300 = Drive

Anyone know any of the other messages? or willing to sharing their data captures?

I am trying to find the ac compressor enable message, so if anyone knows that Id appreciate it.