Hello all, new to the site, looks like there is a wealth of knowledge here. I'm having an issue, hope someone can walk me thru this.

I have a Procharged LS2 from an 05 GTO in 96 Impala SS. I purchased the car 5 years ago, can't take any credit for the swap. I have had it tore down thou, tuned and have redone the rear end and clutch.

She was running fine in May and it died all the sudden. When I got pulled over I found the air inlet to the Procharger was off...so I was getting dirty air. I thought it was actually out of gas, because it wouldn't start. Got cooled down and some fuel in it and she started right up. On the way home she was OK then started to pulse a bit, then died a block from home. Waited a bit and she fired up.

So I got a cheap ass OBD2 scanner the next day and shes throwing P0103 and P0601. 103 is the MAF, so I got a new one and thought I had it fixed....nope. She still dies after running under a minute and throws the same codes..

P0601 sounds more serious, ECM is faulty? There's not much info on that other than replacing or reflashing? I have a tune in there now that I'm not sure I can get back in without the whole stressful dyno process?

Any idea's? Like to get a few cruises in before winter lol.