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Thread: OMG HELP ME!!! 2005 GTO P0601 cant find ECM anywhere!!!!!

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    OMG HELP ME!!! 2005 GTO P0601 cant find ECM anywhere!!!!!

    I have a 2005 GTO 6 speed and recently its been not wanting to start in the morning. I can wait till it warms up and it strangely will start and have no problems all day long. When it doesnt start it throws the code P0601 and i get a reduced performance and it shuts down. Sometimes it doesnt start at all or it will start and shut off. Either way i took it to the stealer and they tell me the the ECM has been discontinued!!!! They cant get it, I have tried calling everyone I can think of to find this ECM and believe it or not no one person has one. Now before people start sending me Ebay postings of the ECM please read it most are a ECM that requires a special harness or is for a tune or so on and so forth. I need a E40 ECM compatible for the 2005 GTO. My part number is 19210071 and as Im told these following service #'s are the only ones compatible. 12578554, 12596771, 12597191, 12597883. Thing is I cant believe its the ECM but GM wont touch it unless the computer is replaced because they say the car might not start again if the computer is reprogrammed. Basically I have a GTO i cant use. No local junkyards have it. No autoparts store, standalone ECM is $3000, can find one for sale in forums, nothing on ebay, and no retailer online refurbishes them because its a GTO, No one seems to have 1 ECM for sale anywhere. There has to be other GTO with the same issue or a work around for this. Can someone shed some light on this for me!!!

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    Same problem 05 6 speed reduced Power/Safety Mode Eng light on shut down...Can't find E40 computer scan shows P601

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