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    Cool 1964 Nova Ls 2 swap

    Hey folks

    I'm new to posting so please bare with me. I am currently working on my 1964 chevy II. I have a 2005 GTO LS2 w/ 4L65E trans plant, Stock wiring harness with Flashed E40 ECM and TCM. The car starts and seems to function fine with the exception of No Transmission communication and does not shift. I know I am missing something in the wiring, but can not for the life of me figure out what it is. Any help would be greatly appreaciated. I am not using the BCM or PIM. I have speed signal from the purple and white wire at the ECM but the digital Speedometer does not read and The Tach does not Read, although volt meter fuel and temp all work fine I feel like I am missing a Ground signal somewhere not related to the digital dash. My biggest question is why is there VSS signal too the ECM, but it does not read on the dash. WHY Not? Is there also Tach signal, but does not read on the dash and why not? Is There a common ground to these and the Transmission or ECM/TCM that is not allowing communication, intern not allowing transmission to shift?

    I had my C1 pins 1 & 2 connected directly too the DLC and had communication with the engine and No Codes. Once I hooked up through the TCM, C1 pin 1 to 7 of the TCM then pin 38 to DLC and C-1 pin 2 to pin 6 of the TCM and pin 37 to DLC. No communication!!!

    Please help, I have searched far and wide with little or no success. It seems There is little or no Information out there on specific 2005 GTO ls2 w/4L65E swaps. For instance The white 26 way connector with 13 wires. No information out there has the correct wire color information or pin locations? I would love to resolve this issue and pass my entire swap info on to everyone so No one else has to endure what I have. One Place to go for all the Information. Wouldn't that be a Novel Idea.

    I now understand why everyone else seems to go the T56 Standard Transmission path, because it is far easier than the Automatic computer controlled path.
    I can take the easy way out by purchasing a Aftermarket controller and Harness, but then again I have never been one to back away from a challenge!!!

    Just a little update. I got the trans working. I have all the answers to your 2005-2006 GTO LS2 w/ 4L70E Swap using the Factory harness. I am still working out a few little gremlins but it is running and shifting. TCC locks and unlocks as it should. Too the T-56 Transmission Chickens, it really isn't that hard. maybe easier than all the clutch pedal crap you have to go through.
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