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Thread: Which Heads?

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    Which Heads?

    Hi guys, I have a 2006 C6 A6 with 145,000 miles on it. Mods include K&N breather, LG Long Tube Headers, and a Circle D stall converter. I recently swapped my LG G5XB cam for a new LG G5X3 114 cam. I have factory 243 heads that have just had a "competition" valve job performed including new guides, valves, Comp 921 Springs Comp pushrods, and Comp trunnion upgrade. I also had new GM lifters installed and a new LG race chain and a new oil pump I am being offered the opportunity to trade my newly reworked heads and a $1000.00 for a set of new AFR 210cc or 230cc heads, installed. I've been told I might want to avoid the AFR heads due to the high mileage on my bottom end. Looking for some advice and or opinions regarding the swap.



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    That's not a bad deal for a decent set of heads. You couldn't have your 243s ported for that price. The heads will likely pick up a good bit of power with a cam the size of the G5X3. However, I would call and talk to LG about it since they keep that cams specs a secret and I have heard they are close on P2V clearance. If the heads have been decked or have larger valves, you may have an issue.

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