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Thread: P0327 code keeps coming back

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    P0327 code keeps coming back


    I have a 2006 trailblazer ss I recently got a procharger installed and ever since the install I've been dealing with the knock sensor code P0327. I have replaced both knock sensors and the harness and the code keeps coming back. It only comes on when I give it 50% of throttle or more if I drive normally it doesn't come on. I don't hear any knocking can it be the tune? I'm gonna take it back to the shop. This has been such a headache.


    D1sc procharger @ 9 psi
    1 7/8 headers w/ high flow cats
    Stock fuel pump w/ kenne bell boost a pump
    Tr6 plugs

    Are the tr6 plugs too hot Maybe? My estimated power is 525awhp.


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    Knock sensors need to be installed at the 15 ft/lb torque spec or they will malfunction. I would also recommend sealing the rubber plugs with silicon to keep the holes from filling with water over time and corroding the sensors.
    I would also consult your tuner as it sounds plausible you could actually be getting knock whenever getting into boost due to a lean condition. The pcm/sensors hear it way before it is audible.
    The TR6 are the heat range I would recommend on that setup although I would suggest a non-projected tip plug such as the BR6EF and tighten the gap to 0.035.

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