Hey guys I'm having some issues with a new build consisting of a 06 gto ls2 motor going into a 93 Nissan 240sx. This is the second car I've done using the same car and motor setup. I got the motor as a complete unit with the pcm besides the throttle pedal which I got off eBay. So when I first got the car ready to start I used my pcm from my other running and driving swapped car to move it around the shop, which has a speed density F/I tune on it. I did that cause the new pcm still has vats. Car started right up and the pedal works. Just has a funky idle from the different tune. Had my friend with hptuners remove vats on the pcm I plan to run. Plugged it in starts up but sounds like it's on 4 cylinders and the pedal does nothing. Code reader came up with a p1516 actual vs commanded tac module or something fault. From what I can figure something in the pcm isn't working? I believe the only tac module is in the throttle body? When I turn the key to the on position I can't hear the pedal moving the throttle blade. But when I put my other F/I tuned pcm and turn the key on I can hear the pedal turn the throttle blade. Which leads me to believe is a internal pcm problem. Just looking for some advice before I go buy another pcm. Thanks guys