Alright everyone, I know there are several of these similar threads out there but this one has me stumped. I have a L76/6L80e swap that we have just tried starting for the first time but no luck getting it to start.

We have fuel pressure and the pump will start when you first turn the key for 3 seconds and then will turn back on while cranking the engine.

I've verified the voltage to the computer and harness (built by PSI Conversions) both with key on and cranking. I've verified that we have a good ground to the harness which is at the rear of the driver side head and there is a 4ga ground directly from there to the frame.

We have 12v to the injectors and to the coils, but no ground signal while cranking. Verified the injectors with a noid light and head spark plugs to the header bolt with no luck.

I have verified all sensors were plugged in a tight.

VATS and DOD were all removed with the tune done by someone who's has 4 or 5 of these similar project cars. Even if it hadn't, it should still fire and then shut off.

I'm stumped and thinking either bad computer (which came from the donor car and ran before it was removed) or the crank and/or cam sensor is bad.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated!!