hi all.
I have a strange issue on the HVAC unit.
I cant get the mode doors or recirc doors (actuators to operate from the HVAC controller.
Iv removed HVAC unit and tested wiring from connector to actuators on both and wiring is good.
I can make actuators move in both directions from the connector to motor using Powerprobe 12v so actuators are good.
I suspected the HVAC controller but replaced it with a known good one and same issue so dont think its the controller.
There is power going to the HVAC unit and all displays are good, I can manually move the mode doors and recirl flap using a torx socket.
I just cant understand why the actuators wont move via the HVAC unit???????
Is there another module somewhere that has an influence on the actuators or is it just the HVAC controller.
BTW i have recalibrated the actuators with the Tech2 but cant tell if its gone through the full range or not because the numbers change from 0 to 255 in an instant without any noise or movement from the actuators.
Any ideas gratefully received