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Thread: 06 GTO MAF issues--need help

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    06 GTO MAF issues--need help

    I put an '06 GTO engine into a '57 Chevy vert some time back. Recently when I first start the car (cold or hot engine) SOMETIMES I get a MAF problem signal and the engine will run rough and it can't be revved up. I can turn the ignition off, start it right back up and it may be fine and run perfectly, or I might have to turn in on and off several times for it to run as it should. Once it starts and runs like it should, it will run great until I turn it off and try to restart. It may or may not start properly. The most recent issue has been when I turn a corner, it might go back into the MAF problem mode with the rough idle and no acceleration. I turn it off and restart and it's fine. I thought maybe it was the air filter, but changing it doesn't help. A long while back I had a problem with a similar issue (different readout) and it was the crank sensor wire was broken inside the wire cover but separated occasionally. That was fixed and has not given any more problems. Found out later the guy who did the wiring was not a wiring guy and is now long gone. I'm thinking a similar thing may be happening to the MAF sensor. Any help will be appreciated. I love the car, but hate to drive it do to the uncertainty of it starting and running without this starting issue. I keep thinking one time it isn't going to clear up and I'll be stuck somewhere waiting on a rollback.
    I have replaced the MAF sensor twice and it made no difference.
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