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Thread: Misbehaving LS2, DOD???

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    Misbehaving LS2, DOD???

    Hi all

    I'm just wondering if someone could please shed some light for me.

    I believe that I have an 06 ls2 6ltr, I bought it about 5 years ago with apparently 1500 km on it after the vy ute it was in was written off, they bought it as a crate engine and apparently fitted a mild cam into it?

    Is there any way to tell without pulling the eng apart if that is true? it sounds like it may have a mild cam in it?

    It is also fitted with the LS1 injectors and coils and a UMI throttle body 104mm on the od, I assume from there original LS1 they removed from the ute?

    I have since fitted it with a Camaro rear lump sump, a set of headers that go straight out to side pipes, all the factory harness and comp has been dumped in favour of the MSD LS Atomic system, which self tunes etc etc.
    It was at this stage that I learned about the DOD system that appears to be fitted, will the DOD cause the eng to backfire under deceleration run ruff, seems to go like stink under acceleration, it's not really loud backfiring like a gunshot but it defiantly misbehaves.

    So I assume that a DOD kit will be the answer??? I don't want to fit it just for the sake of it or if it's not going to make it run better.

    I'm looking at Texas speed - unless you can recommend someone better? maybe someone in Perth?

    There DOD / AFM Delete Kit base price $399.99. Seems like it has everything needed except for the camshaft,camshaft gear and Timing Chain Dampener.

    Would this be the minimum required for a deletion? assuming that my cam has already been changed?

    I would like to keep, if already fitted or install a mild cam if DOD is still there, if I need a cam what size/type do I get??? will I need to change the valve springs too?
    Anything else I may be overlooking?

    Thanks for your help.
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