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Thread: Newby Here. Couple Of Basic Questions

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    Newby Here. Couple Of Basic Questions

    I am looking to put an LQ4 into an older Camaro.
    Here in the fine state of Colorado I have been told the 6.0 must come up as a vehicle with a 6.0.
    Basically a GTO or Corvette.

    I have asked this question on a few other sites, but have had no responses.

    The question I asked was if you loaded a 2005/2006 vin into an older ecu, will the emissions testing OBDII system recognize it as the installed vin? (I was told by one ECU programming site they can put "any" vin into an ecu)

    So now two my two new questions. Build notes: My plan is to retain my Monster 200R4 tranny and use DBC.

    1. Can the E40 ECU be run as a stand alone? I found a couple of postings that said basically no, you have to have and use the matching PIM and BCM for it to work. (info looked to be 5-6 years old)

    2. What is the difference between an A4 and M6 engine harness? Side note: I found a guy with a E40 ecu, but he has no harness. The ECU was from an A4 GTO. And I found a guy who has a vette harness, but says the car was a manual.

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    How old is the Camaro? Carburetor? If old enough, some of the emission laws may be waived, 25 years here I think. I am sure it is able to be done, just not sure if you could make it meet the letter of the law as far as emissions hardware. And, because of the custom built nature, I would expect a little extra scrutiny from the agencies that register it. At least if you tried to keep it stock-ish. Maybe exemptions if you tried to register it as a home-built car. Different regulations to meet.

    Sounds like an interesting project, keep us informed. I did plenty of engine swaps, but mostly in the pre-ECU era.

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