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Thread: LS1/LS2 Engine in 2006 Solstice

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    LS1/LS2 Engine in 2006 Solstice

    I've recently installed a 2001 Camero LS1 engine and Tremec T56 6peed transmission in a 2006 Solstice. The LS1 had a 24 tooth crank reluctor and 1x cam reluctor. I changed the crank reluctors to 58 tooth with an LS2 front engine cover, LS2 cam reluctor, sensor and sprocket in an effort to make it communicate properly with the 2006 Solstice ECM, that had been reprogramed to A 2006 CTSv ECM. The Throttle body Is a LS2 Corvette. Engine has been ported, and has a TSP R228-112 cam with, I think .588" lift. It starts and runs real quick but as of this moment I have not been able to get the Speedometer, tachometer, horn to work. I have not charged the AC yet to know if its working but doors lights etc on the body work. The wiring harness is a blended thing coordinating the CTSv requirements with the Solstice BCM. Any knowledgable electrical types got any suggestions on where we went wrong? The build looks real good and drives good except for those previously mentioned instrument and horn shortcomings.

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    I know this is not what you were asking but what do you mean by the engine has been ported?

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