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Thread: Help!! Carb'ed LS2 PCV/ Crankcase breather issue

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    Help!! Carb'ed LS2 PCV/ Crankcase breather issue

    Hi Guys. I have a Resto-mod C2 Corvette, here in the UK, and i need a bit of advice re the PCV/breather system..
    My car has a stock 2006 crate LS2 running an Edelbrock dual plane inlet manifold, with a Speed demon 650 Vac secondary carburettor and MSD 6LS-2 ignition controller, but the car only made it onto the road in 2012 after it's resto.
    The previous owner installed the engine, but i have always struggled in getting the RPM down to "normal" levels.
    I have noticed that the LS2 Valley cover breather pipe is connected straight to the intake pipe underneath the carburettor, and if i restrict the pipe by squeezing it with my fingers/clamp, the idle drops roughly 100rpm , and the audible hissing i can hear from the carb. reduces greatly.. the LH and RH rocker covers are connected together into the air filer base.
    I'm just wondering what you guys think i should do? I have read elsewhere that the LS2 valley cover has already got a restrictor, but it seems like it's still sucking too hard.
    i considered machining a restrictor eg 1/8" to put into the pipe. ?
    Any ideas guys?
    Many Thanks
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