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Thread: ly6 engine in 1933 morris 10

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    ly6 engine in 1933 morris 10

    hi new to this forum
    need info on fitting an ly6 vvt engine from a 09 express 3500 van into a 1933 morris 10 saloon and using a 4l60e trans, engine not arrive from states yet so unsure if it comes with any wiring loom. I have got an e38 12630500 ecm but unsure if that can run the 4l60e trans and if the loom does come with the engine what mods are needed, will not be running any ps or ac vehicle should be around 2000 lbs when finished

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    You most likely will need the GM ecu or PCM in GM-speak- powertrain control module. Not just the transmission, but everything on the engine is computer-controlled. Spark timing, fuel mixture, based on sensors for engine coolant temp, air temp, mass of air flow. If you can match the engine, it is "easier"- being a relative term. They are programmable with the right equipment, a GM factory shop could re-flash the correct program on one. Should be an interesting, reliable torquey combination when you get it sorted.

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