Based on some advice I got, I sent my PCM and engine harness to a wait4meperformance. Supposedly it would return as a 3-wire plug&play unit. 400 bucks later, I have a rat's nest on my hands! The company doesn't return phone calls or emails, and when I do get them on the phone, they say, "I don't know, let me check into that and call you back" which never happens. I don't think they read much of the letter I sent with my harness, either, which detailed my application. The harness came back with no instructions, just a GTO wiring diagram, which I already had. No relays, no fuse block. I have purchased fan and fuel pump relays and a Painless wiring 7-circuit fuse block which has 4 ingition circuits and 3 constant hot circuits. I have found a wire that is hot on ingition to use as a control for the ignition switch relay on the fuse block. I am running the GTO drive by wire throttle pedal, but the brake and clutch are 240z.

So, I need some help if I can get it. I have very specific questions if anybody can help. My questions contain the wait4meperformance tags-wire color/stripe-and my questions. Feel free to email me directly at if it is easier.

1) Is the same harness used by the factory for auto trans and T56? If so, that may explain why I have some wires that I can't make sense from.
2) Park/neutral switch-green/blue-do I need this?
3) I have a Cable-X box for the Speedo conversion with the stock speedometer. The harness is tagged for speedo output from the PCM-a purple/white wire. The VSS plug on the trans has a blue/white wire and a brown/orange wire coming from it. Which wire do I send to the Cable-X box?
4) stop lamp switch-blue/red-do I need this wire? The z-car has it's own brake light system that works.
5) battery positive voltage-orange/black-does that need a fuze, what amperage fuse?
6) crank volts-purple-do I connect this to the starter solenoid activation wire?
7) accessory voltage-yellow-do I connect this to a source that is hot when the key is in "acc" position? What is a good location for a wire to tap into for that power?
8) starter relay control-yellow-what do I connect that to?
9) engine control relay coil control-brown-what do I connect that to?
10) wait4meperformance combined several wires and spliced them to a 10 gauge wire and labeled it ignition volts. There are two such 10-gauge "pigtails." The first 10 gauge wire has leads that are pink, pink, pink/blue, orange. The seond 10 gauge wire has pink, pink/blue/, red. I think I am supposed to connect those to the switched side of the fuse block, does that sound right?
11) back-up lamps-light green-do I need this if I plan to splice my chassis back-up lamp wiring directly to the 2-wire back-up light switch?
12) clutch anticipate switch-purple/white-do I need this if I plan no cruise control and have 240z pedals?
13) brake release switch-brown-do I need this?
14) extended travel brake switch-gray-do I need this?
15) the fuel pump, fan relay (2), and drive by wire leads (6) seem pretty self-explanatory.

Please help!
Florence, Alabama