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Thread: Had it with TPI

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    Had it with TPI

    90-91 LB9 TPI. I've fought this TPI system for a year now and I'm done with it. Just runs like Sh%^ most of the time. I've tested or changed the entire system and can find nothing wrong, all injectors are new all fuel pressures in spec. All sensors test good, No PCM codes, no vacuum leaks. Compression is 155 psi on all cylinders. Replaced Distributor and electronics, new PCM. It just studders and craps out unless its at wide open throttle. Its probably some wire someplace that's intermittent but I can't find it. This engine was transplanted into a 82 truck so the wiring is not the best job. (I didn't do it). It does run a bit better when it cold outside but even on 100+ degree days the water temp is always 180.

    So, what is evolved in replacing the TPI with a carb. I have a good 600cfm Holly but are the heads different on a TPI system or can I use any 'ol SBC intake manifold. Do I need to replace the Distributor & electronics to something else? HIE? Thoughts? Ideas? If I put it apart I plan on installing a mild cam at the same time. Any gotya's in doing that? It has full length headers already.

    BTW its a 90-91 LB9 w/auto (700R4 I think, I'll have to look again to be shure)


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    Check the wires that run to the distributor module....they rot out and fall off.

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    To convert to carb you'll just need a carbed pick up for the tank (82 should have been) or a regulator. Buy an intake, carb, manual fuel pump, pushrod for the pump, and a old style distributor.

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