I am looking for advice about Codes PO108 and C0561 DTC codes.
Having looked At sticky DTC thread PO108 sets when MAP voltage is out range.
It Pinged on in these conditions.
rpm 2000
MAP pressure 33.4mmHg
TP position 17%
No Misfires, Knock retard or Torque spark reduction active.
It came after disengaging cruise control on exit from avg speed camera zone (imposed on roadwork section) and whilst accelerating with the surrounding traffic and moving to a faster lane. The ESP traction error also pinged at this time.
My car is UK spec Pontiac G8 GT / Holden HSV E-Seies.
Engine LS2
Mods Magnacharger TVS2300 - 1.75in long headers 3in Hi-flow cats, 3in Hi flow cat back.
The air box, cam and internals are Std.

My questions about PO108 are :-
1) Can the DTC flag range be tweaked?
2) What Pids should I log with ScanXL to track this in more detail.
and for CO561.
1) Anyone know what PCM pids are worth monitoring to help track this down.
2) Should CO408 and CO409 be enabled for aftermarket non OEM SC setups?