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Thread: Procharger 12-rib F-1 universal SBC kit, methanol injection, boost gauge

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    Procharger 12-rib F-1 universal SBC kit, methanol injection, boost gauge

    I decided to change plans for my 383 LT1 build and I'm now selling everything related to supercharging it.

    Procharger F-1 kit
    This is a custom-ordered semi-universal kit that has NEVER been run. The LT1 is in a '92 Camaro so neither the 3rd gen nor the 4th gen kits work. I special ordered this kit with the intention of custom fabricating a bracket to mount the Procharger setup to the LT1 high on the driver's side similar to the 3rd gen kit. As such, this is NOT a complete, ready-to-bolt-on kit. Fabrication WILL be required dependent on the recipient car. Included in the kit are:

    - F-1 12-rib head unit, 4.5" diameter pulley
    - Universal SBC mounting hardware
    - 7.5" 12-rib lower pulley w/ custom aluminum adapter for ATI LT1 Super Damper
    - 12-rib blower belt
    - Race blow-off valve with mounting hardware
    - 3" 90 degree silicon tubing
    - 3" straight silicon tubing
    - 3" - 3.5" silicon transition
    - Assorted hose clamps
    - Head unit oil
    - All mounting hardware as shipped from Procharger

    Included but not pictured:
    - LT1/L98 throttle body elbow with 1/8" NPT hose barb installed for Optispark vent line and IAT temperature sensor installed.
    - Elbow to throttle body silicon hose
    - Prototype engine block mount plate
    - 3.5" straight silicon tubing
    - Procharger supplied air filter
    - Custom spacers to align pulleys

    This kit is pullied to produce 10-12 lbs of boost on a 383 LT1 with Ai-ported 200cc Trickflow heads. There are minor scratches around the bolt holes and on the head unit from mounting and dismounting everything while we mocked it up in the car, but nothing of any significance. The only parts necessary to finish this kit is 3" tubing for intake ducting and the hoses and hose clamps necessary to connect it.

    Snow Performance Stage 2 Methanol Injection Kit
    This is never installed, in the box methanol kit from Snow Performance. The before-installation steps were followed to install the bung into the methanol reservoir, but nothing else was ever mounted in the car. All pieces of the kit as received from Snow are included.

    Autometer Phantom 2-1/16" Electric boost gauge
    New in box, never installed Phantom boost gauge. 30" vacuum/30" boost display. Includes MAP sensor.

    Everything together - $5000
    Procharger kit - $4500
    Methanol Injection kit - $350
    Boost Gauge - $150

    I will not separate any of the pieces of the supercharger kit. It will ONLY be sold as a complete package. Prices negotiable. Parts are located in Angleton, TX, buyer pays shipping. Paypal accepted.

    PM or e-mail with any questions.
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