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Thread: ls2 swap

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    ls2 swap

    I own a 1999 Trans Am. Long story short... blew motor 2 yrs later friend sells me his ls2 out of his 06 blazer ss. Now i have his ls2 and my trans am. The obvious plan would be to put in the ls2 so...

    I am taking the TA and the motor to a shop to put it in in 2 weeks. Seeing as i dont know that much about the technical part about what is needed and i dont want the shop trying to screw me over... What do i need to take to the shop to have this done where i can drive it off...

    i have the following

    Trans Am body with rear end in it other than that its a shell.

    A box full of stuff that came out of the trans am... motor mounts and bolts stuff like that

    original ls2 out of and 06 blazer ss still has the original everything on it... manifolds,intake,tranny i believe its a 4l70e

    brings me to my next question would it be better to use the blazers 4l70e considering the car only had like 18,000 miles on it

    What else do i need? i am trying to make a complete shopping list of parts. I do not plan to leave it stock though my first concern is getting it running. Any and all advice will be appreciated. so....

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    How to Install an LS2 in an LS1 car:

    Depending on your hood clearance, you might also need to change out the truck style 90mm TBSS intake manifold, to the 90mm LS2 car style intake manifold.

    The electronic 90mm throttle body still needs to be changed to a 90mm cable throttle body.

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