I know a while back Scott Settlemire aka FBodfather was looking into what options people might want for the 5th gen and it seems like the topic has been kind of dead lately so I'm trying to revive it.
Anyone have any options they really want to see?
(Other than the obvious- M6, 400+ hp V8, etc.)

Something similar to a 1LE (upgraded suspension, brakes, gear ratios) maybe like the current Z51 on the Vettes
V8 availability with limited options (stipper car)
Auto and manual available with all engines from introduction
Hugger Orange
A nice blue (like Electron Blue or LeMans blue from the Vettes)
RS Package with hide-a-way headlights
SS Package with more aggressive body styling (hood, front and rear fascias, etc.)
HID headlights
Very small tastefull spoiler, for example, just a lip on the trunk lid
Sunroof as a stand-alone option (noticed it on the white car)
Make sure the gauges in the center console make it to production, at least as an option
Red leather
Some two-tone interior options
Maybe a black leather with red stitching
Power driver's seat with leather maybe standard, driver and passenger power and heated as option (I remember Scott specifically mentioned this)

I like how GM has been doing the LS, LT1, LT2, LT3, etc. with a basic model, then models getting more and plush (but for love of God don't call a Camaro an LS, LT1,2,3,etc.)
Give people the option to get them with bare options and a V8 for under $30k (maybe around $25k) or load them up like a Caddy for $40k. Gotta appeal to as many audiences as possible to sell them.

I'm looking to spend around $30k for a black coupe, red leather or black with red stitching, 400+ hp V8, M6, 1LE type package, with maybe a sunroof, HID's, nav, RS, as dictated by price. Let me get it with basic wheels so I get something nice from the aftermarket (or provide lots of aftermarket wheels through the dealer).