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Thread: Buyer beware, Adam 2kSS sent me seats which were damaged on arrival & did nothing

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    Angry Buyer beware, Adam 2kSS sent me seats which were damaged on arrival & did nothing

    So in July I ordered 2 black front leather seats for my 2001 Z28. I was told in an email I received from him that "all the seats are in great condition." As soon as I got the seats I sent him a PM saying this:

    The pictures you sent beforehand did not show the all these holes, tears and cracks unfortunately, nor were they disclosed. It is possible that these defects could have happened during shipping, but if that is the case then a claim should be filed at a minimum. Did you get insurance on these seats? The seats were packed OK on the bottoms, of the box, but the side of the box was not well protected unfortunately.

    The paypal payment I made specifically said "Note:
    This is for payment for ebony leather seats that are OEM for 2000-2002 Camaros. These seats being sent are of good condition without holes/tears. "

    If there were holes or tears before the seats were sent, then that should have been disclosed before the money was transferred.

    Here are some pics:

    After I send him these photos he said this:

    i tought you were happy with them since i haddnt heard from you in weeks. im sorry if you dont feel the seats are in as good of a condition as you expected. i would not try and misslead you in any way. i have been a great seller and buyer on Ls2, LS1tech, ls1 and ebay, and have not had any complaints before. i did send you pictures before hand, also i did tell you how many miles were on the car. i did not see any problems with the seats, and i feel they are in good condition, also the people who saw the seats before agree.

    as for any defects. i didnt see anything when i sent them. i was very carfull to make sure the belts couldnt make any holes, but it is possible just due to the nature of shipping and the sharp metal that something could have happened. i thought i packed it pretty well.

    the hole in the drivers seat, where is it? could it have happened when it was shipped? on the pass seat how big of a tear is it? is it even visable at a glance? and what is wrong with the plastic on the seat?

    at $400 you cannot expect perfect.
    First he tells me all the seats are in great condition, then he says oh, I shouldn't expect perfection.

    I'm sorry, but those tears and damage did not happen via shipping, because the box didn't have any holes or dings where the seats had the damage. And the crap that because I paid $400 I shouldn't expect perfection is bullshit. I later found a pic that he had posted that showed the driver seat had a big hole in it, and hear he is acting all surprised about it .

    I asked numerous times via PM for him to submit a claim with the shipper since he denied any of this was his fault and he never did file a claim. I've sent numerous followup PMs and got nothing.

    He's basically disappeared and doesn't respond to any PMs now..... He lied about the condition of the seats and I told him at least a partial refund would be fair and he seemed to I thought. I think what happened was he realized all that damage was already there and the shipper wouldn't do shit for him so he figured he could just slink away.
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    Damn man, you got fucked BIG time. He took you for a ride.

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    Originally posted by 426HEMI
    Damn man, you got fucked BIG time. He took you for a ride.
    I know.

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    Matt, did you dispute with Paypal?

    How long between shipment received and opening of package?

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    Did he post a thread for these seats? I see one for rear seats but I can't find any pics of the front seats..

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    Adam 2kSS hasn't been on this site since November 26, 2007.

    I banned the ID. That means he can't post here any more BUT you now have NO WAY of communicating with him via this site.

    He ripped you off. If he still posts on other sites, link them to this thread or post up and attack him on the other sites.

    Just don't blame us for the problem. You must have conducted the sale via PM or e-mail as we can't find a thread. You make it sound as though we don't care. Hell's fire WE CARE but we can't do "jack" to this guy.


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