This is a warning for others to heed before they think of doing business with NosJohn aka John Caffala aka Turbo-Zone in Fulton, New York. He is a crook and he has not only ripped me, on ls1tech he is a restricted user and was removed as a sponsor for owing fees as well as stealing $20,000 from Fahad on there, plus fuc#ing up Dan's truck on their and charging him a shit ton of money, in which Dan had to drop another shit ton of money just to get fixed what John messed up on his shitty build. I have held out from speaking out for a long time, but countless emails and phone calls to him with no kind of agreement, here is my story. Basically about 2 years ago I meet him on another forum and told him abotu a build I was about to begin. He said he could do it, but I didn;t know the guy so I said I would have pros do it. I sent a turbo shop $8000 for a tt kit John said he could do for less than $5500. The turbo shop ended up putting me off too long so after a year of putting up with thier bullshit excuses about how it would be started the next week, I threatened a lawsuit and they gave me a slow refund over the next four months and I lost $600 due to thier stupidity and lack of customer service. I sent John $6500 and let him have his shot....I also sent my car as I had been tlakign to him for a while and he started his company called Turbo-Zone and even became a sponsor, so I sent everything to him. He suggested that I just send the motor and tranny in the car so I put the $13,000 motor in the passenger seat and the tranny in the back. After about 6 months of no progress I said forget it and asked to just part the car out from there. The motor ended up getting stolen and I never see any turbo parts nor a kit, plus my car is still there. I sold the car and the owner can't get a hold of John because he will not answer the phone. John sent a police report and I talked to a detective that was no help at all named Detective Kellogg. I have tried countless times to work this out, even letting him pay me out month by month, but for some reason he seems to think I owe him money????? He needs to be dealt with by someone, I'm taking him to court, waiting on the date within the next few days, and contacting the BBB tomorrow as well as anyone else I can get to help me get my money back. John if you read this, sorry man, but left me no choice, you have my name go bad, and I dont appreciate it, prepare for the law to prevail.