Good afternoon, Camaro Comrades and Firebird Friends!

Three items for you to share..........

......Did you ever find yourself wanting to own a replica of 'Bumblebee?'

You could be one of three lucky winners! Yes -- they'll be production Camaros -- and yes, they'll be painted in that special color that Bumblebee wears.

Simply go to to sign up!

Also -- you'll want to visit

Once there, click on "Chevy Club House" -- and then click on the Silver Camaro Concept........ then click on "Camaro Now" --

Each month we'll be posting 'stuff' that you won't want to miss. Now -- don't expect to find a complete order guide and glossy color photos of the new Camaro ...............................yet!............. But we'll be updating each month - and you do NOT want to miss November.

Finally -- a word about the recent blogs out there --

Yes-- the Camaro will have a key. (versus pushbutton start)

Yes -- it will be a model year 2010 -- but we have not moved the 'start-up' date. We'll start building Camaros in the 4th quarter of 2008 -- and they'll be in dealerships in the first quarter of 2009.

Yes - the new Camaro will have a B-pillar. BUT - it isn't noticable from the outside. Think of a first gen with the rear window in the up position. The rear window will cover the B-pillar and there will be a weatherstrip attached. The B-pillar is necessary for several reasons -- the most important being:
>reduction of mass
>structural rigidity

.....and, I think we're safe in saying this: The production car is so close to the concept -- that if we were driving down the road in a production Camaro coupe in Silver -- and you passed us going the other way -- you'd swear it was the Silver concept.

The Future just keeps getting brighter and brighter!

Good luck -- and we hope that all three Bumblebee Camaros will go to good homes in the Camaro/Firebird Enthusiast community!

John Fitzpatrick Fbodfather 2.0
Cheryl Pilcher Fbodmother
Scott Settlemire Fbodfather