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Thread: Camaro Bumblebee Schedule

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    Camaro Bumblebee Schedule

    Good morning, Camaro Comrades and Firebird Friends!

    We understand that most of you would like to know where the Camaro Concept will appear throughout the year -- and that's a very difficult because there are only a few cars - yet there are autoshows and events worldwide. (yes! the Camaro has been embraced worldwide and every auto show has requested the Camaro as a centerpiece....)

    We are not releasing info. on where the Orange Convertible, the Silver Coupe, or the Red Fiberglass will be at this point in time -- however, we're relatively comfortable with reporting where the Bumblebee (Transformers) Camaros will appear. (There are two of the Camaro Concept Bumblebees in existence -- therefore, you'll see some overlap.) This is not a comprehensive list -- but rather a list of which major autoshows we've scheduled an appearance.

    While the following information was the most up-to-date as of September 5th - please understand that schedules may change for any number of reasons. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that Bumblebee will be at every one of these events. ( we want him there -- but situations DO occur....)

    These are Auto Shows unless otherwise noted:

    John Fitzpatrick -- Camaro Marketing Manager
    Scott Settlemire - Chevy Shows and Exhibits

    North East Ohio Camaro Club
    Annual show at Summitt Racing
    Tallmadge, Ohio Sept 8-9

    Lowes Motor Speedway Sept 16

    Camaro Club of San Diego's Show -- Sunday, September 16 at Coronado Park in San Diego

    Northwood University Auto show
    Midland Michigan Sept 28-30

    Long Island Auto Show -- Oct 19-21

    Ramp Chevrolet -
    Port Jefferson, NY (Long Island) Monday, Oct 22-- noon til closing

    Seattle Auto Show Oct 31 thru Nov. 4

    Sacramento Auto Show Nov 8 thru 11

    Miami Auto Show Nov 9 thru 18

    San Francisco Auto Show Nov 22 thru Dec 2

    Boston Auto Show Nov 28 thru Dec 2

    San Diego Auto Show Dec 26 thru 30

    San Jose Auto Show Jan 9 thru 13

    Washington DC Auto show Jan 23 thru 27

    Houston Auto Show Jan 26 thru Feb 3

    Buffalo Auto Show Feb 6 thru 10

    Cleveland Auto Show Feb 23 thru Mar 2

    Kansas City Auto Show March 5-9

    Columbus (Ohio) Auto Show March 8-17

    Fort Worth Auto Show March 13-16

    Fort Lauderdale Auto Show March 20-23

    Denver Auto Show March 26-30

    Peoria (IL) Auto Show March 28-30

    Dallas Auto Show April 2-6

    Pittsburgh Auto Show April 17-21

    All information per Scott S.

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