Hey guys, since so many of you have helped out, I want to keep you guys updated.

The Gen III 5.3L engine should be here soon, National Parts Depot was kind enough to offer a spot on one of their trucks for our engine to get it to NC from Cali. I need a lot of parts for it still, like the accessory brackets, throttle body, coils, etc. Basically right now it is a shortblock, heads are in my garage, and an intake donated by a guy in Carolina F-body Club. My friend Joel at HRT is doing the work on it, but I need the parts to put it together. Painless has also donated the wiring, cam, and engine management system. Mike at Sulski Performance has graciously donated the tuning. 8)

We've also found the car, but we're about $700 short. I'm trying to work a deal with the guy to hold it for me, though. He came off the price about $1300 to get it close to what we had so far, so I'd really like to grab this one. It is a 68 that has a solid body, but needs some rust repair on the rear quarters and some other small spots. It is a project car, but with the way people are coming together for this project it'll be an amazing car when we're done! I'm hoping to have someone go look at it soon so we can have it shipped from Il back to it's new home in NC.

I'm working on securing the brakes now (LS1 brakes all around) with some donated rotors from RotorsOnline.com and some calipers that my friend Russ gave me (after I rebuild those 200k monsters!) and hopefully a 4th gen booster and master cylinder and all.

So that's where we're at right now, it is coming together nicely, just need a few more bucks to secure the car. I'm gonna have a meeting with my family this weekend and see if we can come up with the other $700, I don't see that being a problem. 8)