I read this article on it. Thought I'd share w/everyone.....

ERL Performance 500-cid LS2

If you thought the new 427-cube LS7 was the big dog on the block, think again. ERL Performance now offers 500 cubic-inch short blocks in crate form or as kits. ERL starts with an LS2 block and fits it with "Superdeck" deck plates to arrive at a 10.2-inch deck height. The Superdeck system employs integrated bore sleeves for long rods and plenty of stroke--up to 4.5 inches. These short-blocks are built to order, so a multitude of combos are possible; rod size (Carillo) ranges from 6.600- to 6.800-inch, bore (Wiseco pistons) ranges from 4.155- to 4.205-inch, and stroke (a Lunati forging) starts at 4.250 inches. ERL even developed it's own big-bore MLS gaskets with Cometic, a leader in the field. Add ERL's intake port spacers to your heads and over 1,000 hp is possible. One of these will set you back about $10K.