We really want to be able to help all of you when you ask a technical question in any of the tech forums. It is an ENORMOUS aid to us if you would take the time to construct a SIG that gives the details on your car.

You can create a SIG by going into the User CP, then go into Update Profile, then load the data into the "Signature" box.

Here is my SIG to give you an idea of what all you can do in there:


1998 Camaro Autoworx LS6 Z28, M6, 3.73 <>551 RWHP 557.9 Torque<> Incon TT Production Kit #001 of 100
1st Place Platinum Certificate 986/1000 WWC Winter Nationals 2005
1st Place Camaro Super Modified G9 2005
Class Runner-up Super Modified G8 2004
1st Place Platinum Certificate WWC 998/1,000 G7 2003
Best F-body C&T show, Jacksonville 2004
>>Complete Sig<<>>Turbo Engine compartment<<>> My Car<<

>>FAQs, Torques, Procedures, How To's, Part Numbers, PCM Help<<

To see the coding for my SIG, click "quote" as though you were going to quote this post.

It really would be helpful!