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Thread: Rear Trunk Fix

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    Rear Trunk Fix

    Originally I got this idea from the guide and just took it from that. However, I just wanted to show how it went and give some recommendations on how to make it work the best.

    First off, as an f-body owner, you should know about the problem of the rear trunk not opening fully. Alot of times it doesnt open at all! (If you're completely lost, scroll down and watch the first video.)

    GM really should of fixed this and either put better springs and/or not make the whole trunk so heavy in the back. Anyway, this is what its like the first time, stock, without any modifications to the rear hatch mechinism.


    See the problem? Now lets fix it. First we must remove the black carpet and plastic cover to get to the "rear hatch un/locking mechanism".

    Here is a picture of the original stock setup.

    Following the guide it recommends to buy a spring and "piggyback" it to the original spring.

    So I took one of the longer springs and did just that.

    After a lot of trial and error, I thought what the hell why not just put them all on. Here is where I went spring crazy.

    Here is a video of the final product.

    Buy the smaller springs you can get to fit on there. It really takes a lot of muscle and work to get a smaller one on, but its definently worth it. My friend came over later in the day and we were able to get the smaller spring seen in the picture above on and the trunk opened so fast it popped my friend in the head when he was standing over it. lol

    Now you have seen my experience with the mod. Has anyone else worked with something similar to improve the trunk opening?

    Hope you enjoyed this little writeup.

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    I added 2 of the C-141 springs, and it pops open nicely now, even with the windows up and doors closed. One of the new springs did it with the windows down, but just didn't have enough tension to do it with the windows up.

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    The site is being a prick on the video and I can't get it to download. Can you attach it to an e-mail and send it to me at I'll then host it on our server.

    Also, the site is only giving me the smaller thumbnail pictures. Attach the larger pictures too and I will thumb nail those.



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