I recently had to go through an engine rebuild. I decided I wanted something a little different than the stock LS1 but I didnít have the money for a large cubed stroker. I decided to start building a budget LS2 and convert it over to fit in my LS1 Firebird.

For this thread I am only going to concentrate on the parts that need to be purchased to build your budget LS2 motor. I will construct another thread at a later time to show the steps involved in the actual conversion.

The LS2 utilizes almost everything from your stock LS1 engine. All accessories bolt right up. For the most part the block is physically the same.

So here is a list of the parts needed to build your budget LS2 from the ground up.

Crank: One of the most expensive parts to a stroker engine is the crank. For the LS2 you can re use your stock LS1 crank. The LS2 and LS1 share the same stroke. So this saves you a lot of money. If you are using a used crank I would suggest having it checked and turned if need be.

Bearings: You can use stock main and rod bearings. I chose to upgrade mine to clevite race bearings. If you had your crank turned then you will need to buy the appropriate oversized bearings to match.

LS2 block: An new LS2 block is needed. From a glance it hardly looks any different from the LS1 block. There are subtle differences which I will describe later.

6.0L Pistons and Rods: Keep in mind that this is a BUDGET build so I just bought a stock take out set of 6.0L truck pistons and rods. These are the exact same rods that come in the LS2's. They already had all the appropriate rings on them. If yours do not then you will need to buy a set of piston rings.

LS2 Timing cover: For the LS2 you can NOT reuse the LS1 timing cover. On the LS2 the cam position sensor gets relocated from the back of the engine to the timing cover so a new timing cover is needed.

LS2 Valley Cover: The LS2 uses a different valley cover than the LS1 since the LS2ís knock sensors are in a different location. You can see a noticeable difference in their designs.

LS2 Cam Gear: Since the LS2ís cam position sensor gets moved to the front you have to use a special LS2 cam gear for the sensor to read off of. You can still use the LS1 timing chain, just not the actual cam gear.

LS2 Cam Gear Dampener: The LS2 has a cam gear dampener located under the gear itself. I have shown itís location in the picture below.

LS2 Lifter Trays: You can not use the LS1 plastic lifter trays in the LS2 so you have to purchase the specific LS2 trays.

I will not go into detail about choosing the other parts such as heads, cam, intake, ect. Any of these parts are directly interchangeable between the LS1 and LS2. I chose to go with the FMS F14 cam and a set of Patriot Performance Stage 2 LS6 heads that Gunnar had CNC'd specifically for a 4.0" bore. I am also using a stock LS6 intake.

For all the parts listed above to do the conversion I spent under $1,300 (this does not include heads, cam, ect.). I hope this helps and shows that if you want something a little different you can convert your LS1 car over to and LS2 for little money.