I bought a set of coated headers that have the coating coming off. I've been debating on whether or not to have the headers recoated which what I found cost about $250 + shipping. After I saw our sponsor Rust Bullet I decided to check out their products.

I ended up sending them an email asking them a few questions about using their product on my headers. First off, their replies where very prompt which is always appreciated. Second, they don't have any first hand experience with anyone using their product headers or exhaust manifolds. So they offered to send me their product for FREE so I could test it out. Not only are they sending me free product, but they are sending me 4 quarts even after I told them I thought 2 would be plenty. To me, that is excellant customer service and way more then I as a customer expected.

As a result, I will be keeping everyone updated on what I find out.