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Thread: Car show / detailing tips

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    Car show tips

    ok - so we had a thread a while back asking for tips on getting your car ready for a car show. i've tried to compile all the tips here in this thread. please feel free to contribute and i'll updated this thread.

    Make sure you know the rules of the car show. Things like glove boxes open, ttops on/off, are show boards allowed or not, etc.

    Any part of the car that is painted should be clean. Don't forget places like wheel well lips, door frames, ttop channels, underside of hood, gas door. Basic cleaning steps are washing, prepping, and protecting/shining. There are many threads discussing these steps and products used so i will not go into detail here. Search for topics discussing clay bars, buffers, swirl marks, wax/polish, etc.

    Paint needs to have the stone chips repaired, no swirls, scratches, or dents.

    Make sure there is no polish residue in the cracks, crevasses, and emblems.

    All trims pieces need cleaned and dressed.

    Just like the paint, all glass should be perfectly clean, both inside and out, don't forget all the mirrors and ttops.

    Wheels / Tires / Fender wells
    Wheels should be cleaned and polished/waxed - both the outside AND the inside. Different types of wheels (chromed, polished, aluminum) require different types of maintainance and products.

    Tires should be cleaned and dressed. Once the car is parts, clean and dress the tread.

    Fender wells should be cleaned and dressed. Tire foam or any tire dressing will work well on the fender wellls. Some people like to paint their fender wells to make maintainance easier. Any parts that can be seen in the fender wells should also be clean (shocks, suspension parts, etc).

    Brake calipers?

    Engine Bay
    Should be clean from oil, debris, and dirt. No water spots or rust. No scratches in the painted area. Hoses are dressed, anything that can shine is shining.

    Everything needs to be cleaned. Don't forget places such as inside of the vents, the cracks between interior pieces, inside of glove box / console, carpet and seats in good repair, clean, and no stains, and all small trims pieces (instrument cluster, guages / pods, turn signal stalks, radio trim, seat trim, mirrors). All weather stripping should be dressed (doors, trunk lid, windows, ttop channels, etc).

    Underbody or at least parts that show (sfc, exhaust tips, lca, air deflectors, etc) should be cleaned and dressed.

    Get your car ready before the show. When you get there, make sure you have detail spray, soap/water bottle, towels so you can do some spot cleaning / detailing if needed.
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