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Thread: Part #'s and Helpful info, GM Drive Cycle

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    Helpful info thread...

    I have compiled quite a list of information over the years, thought I'd post some up so it's available in "Search". Credit for original info given where due, if possible.

    Enjoy !


    Firing order :

    1-8-7-2-6-5-4-3 ~> LS1
    1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8 ~> Mustang

    Hey- just came across what all the characters stand for in the VIN
    Position | Definition: (character in VIN=description)
    1 | Country of origin: (1=US) (2=Canada)
    2 | Manufacturer: (G = General Motors)
    3 | Division: (1=Chevrolet) (2=Pontiac)
    4-5 | Carline Series: (FP=Camaro sport coupe) (FS=Firebird) (FV=Formula/Trans Am)
    6 | Body type: (1=two door coupe/sedan) (2=two door hatchback) (3=two door convertible)
    7 | Restraint system: (2=active {manual} belts with driver and passenger inflatable restraint system)
    8 | Engine: (G=LS1, V8) (K=L36, V6)
    9 | Check digit: (varies)
    10 | Model Year: (W-1998, etc)
    11 | Assembly plant: (2=St. Therese)
    12-17 | plant sequence number: (varies)

    A4 Gear ratio vs. top speed :
    2.73/ 1st= 51.6 , 2nd= 97.0, 3rd = 158.1, 4th= too high

    3.23/ 1st =43.6, 2nd= 82.0, 3rd = 133.6, 4th = 190.9

    3.42/ lst = 41.2, 2nd = 77.4, 3rd = 126.2, 4th = 180.2

    3.73/ lst = 37.8, 2nd = 71.0, 3rd = 115.7, 4th = 165.3

    A4 Tranny Mount Install - [credit to 99BCamaroSS]

    Get under car, use small jack to lift up the transmission tailshaft housing lightly, loosen bolts on side of transmission mount under the transmission, then loosen main transmission mount bolt. on the crossmember.
    For easier access, remove crossmember by 2 bolts on each side. Put new mount on, tighten 2 bolts to the transmission, put crossmember back on, lower jack and guide the threaded shaft into the crossmember hole and interest bolt onto threaded shaft and tighten it. Done.

    This is the part number for the LS1 1LE mount. 22174970

    If you have a convertible, then you need this part number. 22174969

    SLP also has them for sale online


    GM Liquid Top Engine Cleaner / SeaFoam
    1. Goto Dealer, and get a can of
    GM TOP ENGINE CLEANER. Not the Spray Bottle, but the screw top can. It should cost you about $6.00. Alternatively you can get SeaFoam from most auto parts stores, same stuff.

    2. Goto Autoshop, and buy a container of high grade injector cleaner, and a container of high grade Octane Booster. I used NOS
    brands. And poor them both into a low tank
    of gas, and then fill up on a tank of 91
    or 92 grade gas. Preferably Chevron or
    Mobil GM tells me!!

    3. Remove the vaccum line from the brake booster, and rig up a adapter line, that
    necks down to about and Inside Diameter of
    1/4 inch. Give yourself enough hose that
    will allow you to run into your drivers
    seat and have to move around.

    4. Poor the container of Top Engine Cleaner,
    into a clean dish or container that you
    can freely see the liquid in.

    5. Bring the engine up to about 1500 rpm, and !!!!!!SLOWLY - I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ANY
    MORE SLOWLY!!!!!! Allow the vaccum to sip at the fluid in the bowl. Do this until its gone. DO NOT FLOOD OR DROWN THE ENGINE, YOU COULD DAMAGE IT!!!!

    6. Once done, put the vaccum line back in
    those booster, and run the hell out it..
    for about 5 minutes.. under a load.

    7. It will smoke and smell like a barbecue,
    and that ok!!! it means that its working.

    8. You might even get a Check Engine or
    Service Engine Soon light of it... it will
    clear itself after day or two, or several

    Ok. Now you have just completed the $200.00 decarb that the dealer would have done for about $25.00. Your problem of detonation should be gone.. if not.. do this process again.... if you still have same tank of gas.. leave it... and just get another can of Top Engine Cleaner... generally 1 time will do it.

    I did mine 2500 miles ago, and the problem has not come back.

    Now, your asking.. what causes this...

    Well.. the goverment mandates the gas to be oxygenated.. and if the gas get over-oxgenated, with Alcholhol or MTBE, this will cause the valves to form carbon on, and thus you will get pinging!!

    GM Top Engine Cleaner is nasty stuff. Make sure that you don't get it on any painted surfaces. Wear
    gloves to keep it off your skin. Don't leave any spills on the ground. After you finish all the above steps,
    it's a good idea to clean your engine compartment. We use CD-2 Engine Detailing Kit. Also wipe down
    the underside of your hood with a cleaner such as Simple Green Automotive.
    Decarbonization procedure by "c4c5specialist." Write-up by Steve Hovis. You may copy, distribute,
    and use this document freely, or portions thereof, providing you are not taking credit for the content.



    Throttle cable tighten :
    Check gas pedal floored, is TB blade horizontal ? Slack in cable off TB ?
    Okay, here is exactly how you do it. Follow the throttle cable back (inside the black housing) to a point where it goes inside a plastic connector. On my car it was by the oil dip stick. There is also a connector next to it for the trans cable. Pop the plactic clip of the connector-it clips on both sides and will not come all the way off. You will then slide the cable housing out of the connector which tightens the cable. Keeping it pulled out, fasten the clip back on and you're done. Before I did it I checked the tension by pushing down on the exposed cable where it connects to the throttle body. Much slack. I tightened it enough so now when I apply the slightest pressure on the cable with my finger, the throttle starts to open. It's a 2 minute job. Keep in mind my car is a '99. I don't know if other years are different.

    Part Numbers !
    Exhaust manifold Air tube gasket #

    Corvette Oil Filler Cap
    Total : $8 or so

    Mobil1 sticker
    $8 or so

    88892763 Spark Plug Wires 1998-2002 FBody
    12160244 IAT Sensor
    24504388 IAT Sensor Grommet
    12480033 Hot Cam Kit
    10238852 LS1 Pushrod
    12559271 Water Pump Gasket (need 2)
    12561244 Front Crank Seal
    12557840 Crank Pulley Bolt
    12558013 Timing Cover Gasket
    12558573 Exhaust manifold gasket
    12559188 98-99 AIR tube (one side)
    12559189 98-99 AIR tube (other side)
    12556643 98-99 EGR tube
    12553047 EGR gasket
    12553617 AIR tube gasket
    12557932 EGR O-ring seal
    12560696 Valve Cover Gasket
    12565117 LS6 valve springs
    12560950 LS6 Camshaft
    12568002 LS6 Valley cover
    12658010 LS6 PCV kit
    88890523 LS6 Intake
    12568478 2001 Coolant pipe
    12562788 2001 Coolant plug
    12560744 "M-11" Headbolts (need 8/side)
    12560745 "M-11" short headbolt (need 2/side)
    12558840 OR 12558845 "M-8" Headbolts (need 5/side) *Not sure on which is correct*.
    12558809 Head gasket (drivers side)
    12558810 Head gasket (pass side)
    12559188 98-99 AIR tube (one side)
    12559189 98-99 AIR tube (other side)
    12556643 98-99 EGR Tube Assembly
    12553617 AIR tube gasket
    12560696 Valve Cover Gasket
    12559271 Water Pump Gasket (need 2)
    12556436 2001 Oil Pump
    16238212 Computer (PCM) 1998
    12177561 Engine harness 1998 (manual)
    25312196 RH O2 sensor
    25312197 LH O2 Sensor
    12558948 Coil
    12560228 Crank Sensor
    12560229 Cam sensor
    12555424 Belt tensioner
    10456603 Knock sensor
    9353691 Body Control Mod. (BCM)
    15301401 Coil harness
    25179711 LS1 MAF
    12160244 IAT sensor
    12552059 Water pump pulley
    25170361 Camaro lower airbox
    25179711 00' Mass Air Sensor (whole assembly)


    12562765 LS1 Flywheel
    12560725 Aluminum drive shaft
    10085375 1LE Aluminium Driveshaft
    12570277 Clutch Master Cyl
    12570281 Z06 clutch, pplate, flywheel
    12562765 2001 Fbody clutch,pplate,fwheel
    15046288 2001 Slave Cyl
    15046288 2000 Slave Cyl
    12570281 Z06 clutch

    LS1 1LE tranny mount. 22174970

    If you have a convertible, then you need this part number. 22174969


    26032907 1LE front swaybar (32mm)
    10221779 1LE endlinks
    10021221 1LE rear swaybar (21mm)
    10262147 1LE Panhard bar
    22132887 1LE front springs
    22132889 1LE rear springs
    10221779 1LE endlinks
    52367658 1LE Front Left Lower Control Arm
    22156461 1LE Front left upper Control Arm
    52367659 1LE Front Right Lower Control arm
    22156462 1LE Front Right upper Control arm
    22132887 1LE front springs
    26032907 1LE front swaybar (32mm)
    10288551 1LE front swaybar insulator (32mm)
    10164151 1LE Lower Control Arms
    10262147 1LE Panhard bar
    22166910 1LE Rear shock insulator retainer
    10009135 1LE Rear shock lower insulator
    22166909 1LE Rear shock upper insulator
    22132889 1LE rear springs
    10021221 1LE rear swaybar (21mm)
    10235886 1LE Rear swaybar insulator (21mm)
    10413903 Torque Arm Bushing

    LS1 1LE tranny mount. 22174970

    If you have a convertible, then you need this part number. 22174969

    18026298 Front brake pads
    12454972 DISCONTINUED (88899570) Rear brake pads
    18038574 Durastop Disc Brake Pads
    18039370 Durastop Performance Disc Brake Pads


    12369966 SS logo (Silver)
    12369965 SS logo (Red)
    25121942 Fuel filter
    12378261 Diff oil for auburn
    12555685 Mobil 1 oil cap
    10236268 Mobil 1 sticker
    12556455 + 12559261 Fuel rail covers
    12564257 + 12564258 Z06 Fuel rail covers
    12457574 Ram Air Hood Stickers (White Metalic)
    12455211 WS6 Air lid "Ram-Air" Sticker
    12455210 WS6 Ram Air Hood
    12455209 WS6 Lower Air Box
    12455212 WS6 Lower Air box/radiator support
    12455213 WS6 Nostril Screen (1)
    12455214 WS6 Nostril Screen (2)
    12369963 SS Hood
    12369964 SS Hood grill screen
    12335525 Camaro Front Fascia
    10280356 Camaro Front Grille
    10193494 Camaro Front Fascia Emblem
    12369966 SS Side Emblems (Silver)
    9593624 WS6 Wheel
    9593305 WS6 Wheel
    10402860 Black Electric Antenna
    GMP00F Helms manual

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    GM Driving Cycle

    More helpful info :

    Enjoy !

    General Motors Driving Cycle
    A complete driving cycle should perform diagnostics on all systems. A complete driving cycle can be done in under fifteen minutes.

    To perform an OBDII Driving cycle do the following:

    Cold Start. In order to be classified as a cold start the engine coolant temperature must be below 50C (122F) and within 6C (11F) of the ambient air temperature at startup. Do not leave the key on prior to the cold start or the heated oxygen sensor diagnostic may not run.

    Idle. The engine must be run for two and a half minutes with the air conditioner on and rear defroster on. The more electrical load you can apply the better. This will test the O2 heater, Passive Air, Purge "No Flow", Misfire and if closed loop is achieved, Fuel Trim.

    Accelerate. Turn off the air conditioner and all the other loads and apply half throttle until 88km/hr (55mph) is reached. During this time the Misfire, Fuel Trim, and Purge Flow diagnostics will be performed.

    Hold Steady Speed. Hold a steady speed of 88km/hr (55mph) for 3 minutes. During this time the O2 response, air Intrusive, EGR, Purge, Misfire, and Fuel Trim diagnostics will be performed.

    Decelerate. Let off the accelerator pedal. Do not shift, touch the brake or clutch. It is important to let the vehicle coast along gradually slowing down to 32km/hr (20 mph). During this time the EGR, Purge and Fuel Trim diagnostics will be performed.

    Accelerate. Accelerate at 3/4 throttle until 88-96 km/hr (55-60mph). This will perform the same diagnostics as in step 3.

    Hold Steady Speed. Hold a steady speed of 88km/hr (55mph) for five minutes. During this time, in addition to the diagnostics performed in step 4, the catalyst monitor diagnostics will be performed. If the catalyst is marginal or the battery has been disconnected, it may take 5 complete driving cycles to determine the state of the catalyst.

    Decelerate. This will perform the same diagnostics as in step 5. Again, don't press the clutch or brakes or shift gears.

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