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Thread: SLP ASR/TCS reversal module Installation

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    Installed SLP ASR/TCS reversal module

    *****Installing SLP traction control module******

    I installed the module yesterday and it took all of ten minutes

    This nifty little module reverses the default factory setting of the anti-slip feature on some of our cars. When you start the car the feature comes on. This is not always desirous. There is nothing more frustrating than launching your car off the line after some pesky ricer has challenged you, only to have your ASR/TCS engage and kick out power to the rear wheels. Just because you forgot to disable the feature. This module takes care of that. ($49.95 Thunder Racing)

    The following is a quick walkthru for anyone interested in this feature. On the Camaro the feature is called ASR and on the Firebird it is TCS.

    First, disconnect negative battery cable. Then remove bezel (trim piece) around radio etc. This came off easy. Just be careful as the wires from the ASR/TCS switch are short and the bezel only comes away from the dash about 4 to 5 inches.

    Next, take a small screwdriver and press down gently on the little tab to release the clip from the back of the OEM switch. Once you have released the clip from the back of the switch, simply plug the clip into the module and then plug the module into the OEM switch.

    Let the module rest on top of the radio and gently replace the bezel. This is straightforward, just be careful you don't pinch any wires.

    Now return to the engine bay and replace negative battery cable. Start the vehicle and let it idle for 5 minutes. During this time DO NOT touch the ASR/TCS switch. The module is being initialized at this time. After this 5 minute initialization period shut off car and leave key in the OFF position for 10 seconds.

    The module should be fully functional now. Enjoy
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