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    ...Forum Index... >>>LOOK IN HERE FIRST<<<

    This is an alphabetical listing of the topics covered in this forum.

    1998 PCM Pin Assignments
    1999 PCM Pin Assignments
    2000 PCM Pin Assignments
    2001 PCM Pin Assignments
    2002 PCM Pin Assignments
    1998 - 2001 BCM Pin Assignments

    2001 and 2002 Engine Changes
    5 step PCM reset procedure
    AIR Related Codes: P0410 - P0419
    Aftermarket Cam Chart
    Alternator Replacement
    AN conversions to SAE
    Automatic Transmission A4 Torques
    Brake Light Problem
    Brake Bleeding Instructions
    Brake Terms and Information
    Broken Wiper Arm
    C5 Parts List PDF File 1997 - 2001
    C6 2007 Ground Connection Assignments
    Cam Guide
    Camaro Parts 93-02
    Camaro Specifications
    Car Show / Detailing Tips
    Car Won't Strart. What do I do?
    Clutch Bleeding LT1 MM6
    Clutch Replacement for 2007 C6
    Clutch Installation Instructions & Torques
    Coolant Temperature Range
    Cooling fan temp settings
    Data logging and Tuning Products
    Deleting AIR, EGR, & O2 codes in EFILive and LS1Edit
    Denso o2 Simm Replacements
    Disable auto popup headlights
    Disc Brakes Torques
    Disc Brake Caliper Overhaul Front
    Disc Brake Caliper Overhaul Rear
    Don't lose your t-tops
    Door Lock Mod. Allows one press on the fob to unlock driver and passenger door
    Door Panels - Fix / Prevent door panel cracks
    Draining & Filling Cooling System V8
    DTC Complete Diagnostics and Testing
    Differences: 98, 99, 00, 01, 02
    Engine Compression Test
    Engine Controls Components locations and pictures
    Engine Cylinder Leakage Test
    Engine Specifications LS1 1998 model
    Engine Mechanical 5.7L Torques
    Engine Leak-Down Test
    Engine Removal and Installation
    Exhaust Guide
    Fluid Capacities
    Fluid and Lubricants
    Foglight MoD .... allows switch independent to headlights(on or off)
    Front Suspension Torques
    Firebird Parts list ZIP file and BIG!
    Firebird, Formula, Trans Am Specifications
    Fuel Line Disconnect Procedure
    Fuel Pump Access Door 98
    Fuel Pump Access Door #2
    Fuel Pump Access Door #3
    Fuel Trim Cell breakdown by MaP vs RPM
    General Tuning & Air/Fuel info links
    General GenIII Info
    Harland Sharp Rocker Arm Install Tips
    Holden Parts
    Horsepower and Torque Discussion
    How to check and change Pushrods
    Ignition Coil Wiring Colors
    Induction Guide
    Inline Connectors C100, C105, & C101
    Lift Points for the F-Body
    LM-1 install/HPtuner wiring help
    LS1 Engine Removal from HorsePower TV
    LS6 Intake Pix and Part Numbers
    MAFT Settings
    Maintenance Schedule Short Trip/City
    Maintenance Schedule Long Trip/Highway
    Manual Transmission MM6 Torques
    NGK Sparkplugs, what are the differences?
    Oil Pan & Oil Level sensor
    Owner's Manuals
    P0440 SES light fix
    Part#'s and Helpful info
    PCM Idle Re-learn
    Plug-in Fan Mod
    Power Windows: keep them working
    Push Button Starter Installation
    Quick test for dead short or parasitic battery draws
    Rear Drive Axle Torques
    Rear Differential Gearing for Stock Rear Ends
    Rear Hatch Release Mod
    Rear Suspension Torques
    Replace U-Joint
    Rear TA Girdle & Stud Kit install
    RPO master list
    SLP ASR/TCS reversal module Installation
    Speed Density tuning startup guide
    Stock Cam Specs
    Strange 12 Bolt Break-in Instructions
    Sylvania light bulb replacement guide(All lights)
    Synthetic Fluid in my T56?
    T56 Fluids, Mods & Answers.
    T56 Service Manual
    Tools needed for changing your plugs
    Tuning - A/F (Air/Fuel) information
    Tuning - Data Logging software and tools
    Tuning - Data Logging - EfiLive info
    Tuning - DTC Codes (Descriptions and Diagnostics)
    Tuning - General Tuning Links and Info
    Tuning - Idle Relearn Procedure
    Tuning - PCM Reset Procedure
    Turn Signal Flasher
    Ultimate Fan Switch
    VATS Key Resistance Values
    What PCMs will EFILIVE scan & What are it's advantages
    Wheel & Tires size comparison
    Windshield Wiper Motor Replacement
    !Wire Mod
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