How many of us have done it? Washing the car or something, have the wipers up and forget about them and open the hood and bend one or break one?

If you've done this then you know you're looking at about 70$ for a new wiper arm from the dealer.

I broke my passenger side arm on my 02 WS6 the other day and decided I would buy a new 95 Camaro Z28 arm from Advance Auto since it's only 25$ compared to 70$ for a 02 arm from the dealer.

Here is the damage of the stock arm

Now here is the stock arm compared to the 95 Camaro Z28 arm

Now to make things look more normal you'll take off that big cover that is on the 95 Camaro arm. To do that, you'll break the two tabs shown here

To remove the old arm you'll need to take the cover off that covers the nut and take off the nut. It's a 13MM I believe.

To take the arm off you'll either need an arm puller, a 3 jaw puller, or one big screw driver.

I used a big flat head screwdriver and covered the area with a towel to protect the cowl and started prying up around the arm till it finally came off.

Put the new arm back on in reverse order.

You will need a new wiper blade though as the 95 Camaro arm has a hook in a different direction. Both blades are the same length though.

Here is what the finish product looks like

There is a slight difference between the two arms but it isn't really obvious. The LT1 style arm has a fatter base area.

The slight difference is well worth the 50$ savings if you ask me. Now if Advance or any other autoparts stores will start stocking the newer arms.