As well as being an LS1 enhanced scan tool, EFILive is also a generic scan tool that should scan ALL GM OBDII vehicles for generic data and trouble codes.

However, some GM vehicles do not support the high-speed logging that the later LS1 PCMs do. So you may need to set the scan mode to Single PID.

TO do that, open the properties window (Alt+Enter) select the [Logging] tab page and uncheck Dynamic Packets.

That will make EFILive log data the same way that AutoTap does.

Be warned though that some PIDs may not mean the same thing on different vehicles. The comment above about the KR appearing when it should not - well there are no guarantees that the {GM.*} PIDs will be the same. {GM.KR} *might* be logging something completely different on a non-LS1 vehicle.

The only PIDs that are guaranteed to work on non-LS1 vehicles are the {SAE.*} PIDs. Those are the PIDs that (by legislation) *must* be supported by all manufactureers on all models in exactly the same way.


The main features that EFILive provides over and above AutoTap enhanced are:

1. High speed logging - up to 24 PIDs at 10 frames per second. Realistically, with a normal set of PIDs you will get about 18 PIDs at 10 frames per second beacuse some PIDs take up two bytes of data. That's equivalent of 18x10=180 PIDs per second. Compare with AutoTap that can log upto 40 PIDs per second.

2. Bi-directional controls if you get the Pro version, which gives you most of the functionality of a Dealer's Tech2 device. These bi-directional controls are essential for diagnosing problems with systems that are normally controlled automatically by the PCM.

3. EFIlive has calculated PIDs so you can create customised PIDs that you will need for analysing data based on non-standard PIDs such as airflow in grams per cylinder.

4. EFILive will display your learned long term fuel trim matrix.

5. Larger selection of enhanced PIDs for the LS1.

On the other hand, AutoTap will give you the ability to log enhanced data for all GM vehicles. So if you really do need to log more than just the LS1/LS6 then you would probably be better off with AutoTap. If you only want to work on the LS1 I would recommend getting EFILive. But I might be biased

Note: EFILive will scan generic OBDII data including trouble codes and EPA test results from on ALL GM OBDII vehicles. Just not enhanced data.