Found it

Works like a charm. Here it is typed in 3 easy steps.

1) Cut and replace the Brown wire on the back of the fog light switch on the dash with a ign/switch "on" wire from the fuse panel beside the door.

2) Find the fuse box under the hood with the fog light relay. Release and lift the box so you can get to it from behind the box. Cut the light green line coming from the fog light relay and run the end coming from the relay to a ground. (I used the nut right above the box on the strut tower)

3) Also cut the brown line coming from the fog light relay and connect it to an alternate live line coming from one of the 15 or 20 amp fuses from the same box.

Remember to seal/tape up the loose green and brown lines that you cut.

Your fog light button on the dash will now operate the fog lights any time you have the key in the on/run position WITHOUT having to have your parking/lights switch turned on