How many people do you work with that are into hockey?

  1. cbrjames
    Me? ZEROOOOOOO!!! And it sucks. I have nobody to talk hockey with at all, and it really sucks.
  2. The_Great_1
    Two. One is a good friend the other is French Canadian and played pretty competitive and coached for USA Hockey and the Junior Flyers. Some others that are into sports in general and can do the basic hockey talk but nothing serious
  3. DTownWingNut
    A LOT. It would take me a while to count them all. They have different levels of how into it they are though. A lot of them play and follow all hockey, a few of them don't play but follow all hockey and the rest only really follow the Wings. Plenty of people to discuss it with though.
  4. cbrjames
    I'm so jealous of y'all. There are only 2 advisors, me and the other guy. And the only thing we have in common that we talk about is sportbikes. I'd much rather talk hockey though.
  5. abax44
    I could strike up a hockey related conversation with pretty much anyone in the office.
  6. XLR8TOR
    Probably about 5. Usually don't have to ask too many if they want to go to a game.
  7. Wease
    No one. Not even a casual conversation. No one follows the game like I do in my office.
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