If your a cop post here

  1. Mr. Jay
    Mr. Jay
    Nothing ever goes on in this forum I am just curious before someone sees this..
  2. Mr. Jay
    Mr. Jay
    Almost a month and still no replies ..
  3. SlowTA367
  4. Mr. Jay
    Mr. Jay
    Finally someone was actually paying attention!!
  5. Lawdogws6
    I am a cop and you will respect mah authoritah!!
  6. Mr. Jay
    Mr. Jay
    Like I said in the other group I think this just signifies you are a LEO if anyone looks at your profile!!
  7. crackerjack
    I'm teh fuzz. Unless my department's IA is looking at this, which in that case, I am in no way affiliated with any law enforcement groups and none of my statements/posts on here can be construed as advice on the law, an official opinion of my department, or any remote possibility that the views or opinions stated by this poster will in any way, shape, or form manifest in the way this alleged LEO handles himself or his case load in the performance of his alleged duties as a LEO.

    *cough* CYA 101 *cough*
  8. Ryan99Z28
    Almost 9 years on, 21 years to go.
  9. SS1304
    Po-Po here. In Illinois
  10. skulltatt
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