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  1. The_Great_1
    So what gear are you all using currently or planning on going to when it becomes available. I'm trying to see what some of the popular stuff is right now. Tell me brand, model or if you feel like it post some pics

    - Visor-
    Shoulder/Chest -
    Shin pads -
    Equipment Bag-

    List up what ya got include anything ya got that I might have skipped over
  2. cbrjames
    Man, most of my stuff is pretty basic, and nothing special.

    Helmet- basic Bauer
    Visor- Oakley
    Shoulders- Bauer XXV's
    Elbow- Rbk 4k's
    Shorts- Easton S17's
    Shins- Easton S7's
    Skates- Vapor XXV's
    Gloves- some kind of Easton last year or two model
    Sticks- Bauer One90, and an Easton Stealth CNT

    I want to upgrade my skates to the X60's, and i'm going with a new Easton S17, SE16, or S19. I also found some wicked new shoulders i wanted. I think they were the Bauer One95's.
  3. DTownWingNut
    You already know what mine are considering you helped pick it out and made it my birthday present. However, here goes...

    Helmet - CCM
    Visor - Not even sure, but it's a cage
    Gloves - Infinity
    Stick - Easton SE6, 85 flex, Zetterberg curve
    Skates - Bauer Flexlite 3.0
    Pants -WinnWell (I had to go look this up because I had NO idea)
    Shoulder/Chest - Rbk
    Shin pads - Itech
    Elbow Pads - Bauer
    Equipment Bag - Warrior

    I am kind of wanting some smaller shin pads. Mine are freaking bulky and they get on my nerves a little bit when I put them on. While I'm playing... Don't really think about it or care, but when I'm putting them on I feel like they are gigantic.
  4. DTownWingNut
    I have a new bag now. Easton S17 roller bag. Black/charcoal. I it. It will be a lot easier if I ever need to haul it into Joe Louis, that's for sure!
  5. 01zincguy
    Hemet - RBK 8K prostock (basically the same as retail w/o stickers)
    Visor - Oakley Pro Straight Smoked
    Gloves - Warrior prostock Hossa customs
    Sticks - Bauer X60 P92 w/ extra toe curve 70 flex, 2x Reebok 10k P87 curve 67 flex, Warrior Dolomite 70 flex shaft w/ Easton Sakic blade; have others but those are the most used
    Skates - Bauer Vapor XXXX
    Pants - Reebok 9k girdle w/ Bauer shell
    Shoulder/Chest - n/a
    Shin pads - Vapor XXXX
    Elbows- CCM 8.0
    Equipment Bag- Bauer Vapor XXXX
  6. gettinthere
    Hemet- Bauer 4000
    - Visor-
    Gloves- Easton Air's from like 8 years ago
    Stick- Bauer One90
    Skates- Pro Tacks
    Pants-Easton Z Air
    Shoulder/Chest -N/A
    Shin pads -Jofa
    Equipment Bag- Need a new one

  7. RomoBAMs281
    Hemet- Bauer 4500
    - Visor- Oakley Pro Straight
    Gloves- CCM Tacks 4 Roll PRO STOCK
    Stick- 2 Warrior Dolomite, and 2 Reebok 10K
    Skates- Bauer Vapor
    Pants- CCM HP 620 two piece PRO STOCK
    Shoulder/Chest - Jofa 7500
    Shin pads - RBK/Jofa 8K Pro
    Elbow pads - RBK/Jofa 8K Pro
    Equipment Bag- Itech
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