Excellent group name.

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  1. Gwydion
  2. SteelersRule
    lulz ...this group may not see a lot of future use, but it's invite only and I'm limiting the invitations to some of the board's oldest and mentally sharpest members like you, Rich, RAZOR, ill deuce, Dea.
    Call it a refuge, call it whatever, but I'm sure its sheer existence will irk a couple of people.
  3. Gwydion
    I like it more already.

    Be cool if we could invite someone in, flame them incessantly for being so stupid and then ban them from the group when done.
  4. SteelersRule
    I can do that ...I'm a micro-moderator
  5. SteelersRule
    I threw a few more invites out there ...Berman, bad Andy, derf, mr payne , stanfordjedi

    any more come to mind?
  6. SwollHottie
    I'm honored to have been invited

    How about Marklar? He's not particularly interested in politics but he strikes me as a very smart and informed guy.
  7. SteelersRule
    good call on Marklar
  8. Marklar

  9. Bad Andy
    Bad Andy
    haha. elitist group is elitist.
  10. derf
    Wait a minute. This is supposed to be "Way smarter than everyone else" but then I see all y'all in here. The bar must not be set very high.
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