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  1. red2001caaaamaro
    What are your stats? Your Goals? And what are you doing to get to your goals?

    I am currently 5"8'/200 lbs and at 18% body fat. My goals are mostly to improve strength and I train primarily with Rippetoes 3x5 beginner routine right now. I am not terribly concerned with how it all looks just yet and that shows since my body fat has been on a steady rise however thankfully so are my lifts. My bench is around 315-320, squat around 375 and clean/jerk is around 250. My military press is around 190-200 and these are all my 1 rep maxes.

    My goals are to improve my working weights to around where my 1 rep maxes are sitting and then sort out my body fat after. I'd like to be able to bench 315 for 3-5 sets of 5, squat 375-405 for the same, standing military press 190-200 for a few sets of 5 and then eventually dial in my bodyfat to around 12%.
  2. red2001caaaamaro
    Right now my diet is mostly just eat alot. I would do myself a great service by straightening out my diet and I have good intentions on doing that soon. Maybe this group will be the accountability I need to lay off the taco bell and incorporate more chicken and vegetables. Looking forward to hearing from the rest of you guys....
  3. 02ss
    36 yo 6' 248lbs a bit overweight but carry it well (lucky to have big shoulders) and feel good

    bench ~ 385 on a good day hoping to get 4 plates in a few months

    squat ~ 390 deep. pretty pathetic compared to my bench. Near term goal 455

    dead lift 455. Looking for 500 soon.

    Took about 13 years off and got back into it a little over a year ago. Currently stronger than I ever was but getting to the point where I may need to start using a program like Smolov or something.

    As far as eating I try not to deprive myself.

  4. Big3etr
    34yo 5'9"/157 lbs. not sure my BF%, but I will guess right around 10% I have been lifting since Jan 5th. I have a pretty good diet, though years of eating like crap make it all that much harder to eat clean, but so far it's well worth the sacrifice. I take next to no supplements. I am doing mostly food. Lean meats, veggies, fruits, natural peanut butter and almonds. I take a multivitamin every morning and a protein shake with my 1/2 cup plain oatmeal for breakfast. The rest of the day is all foods. I have no idea what my max bench is. I have no tried for like 5 to 6 months. Back then it was 225. Right now when I do my normal benching, I do 3x8 and I start with 180 and end with 195. So I assume my max would be higher than the 225. I really don't care what my weights are. I want to be pretty strong, fit and have very little fat. I am getting there already in about 11 months. On Jan 5th my bodyweight was 157.6 (according to the scale in my bathroom) and yesterday morning it said 156.6.
  5. Big3etr
    I will edit this post later with a couple pics, my diet & routine...
  6. TexasRedDirt
    27 yo, 6'2" 205. The only specific goal I have is I'd like to get to a 315 lb bench. I'm getting close but not quite there yet. Other than that I just want to continue to grow. I eat like a horse and lift hard.
  7. WillieD
    I have nothing to brag about.

    30 years old, 6'3, 200 lbs.
    My recent max bench is 275, squat is 300, and deadlift 425. My 3 mile run time is right at 23 minutes (outdoors).

    I have been working out for several years and back around June/July I started with the Crossfit workouts, usually doing the WOD from their website.

    I log most of my workouts here:
  8. EROC
    30 YO
    6'4, 270lbs
    Max Bench 325 (Goal 400), everything else TBD

    I have been doing the 300 workout (been working like a charm.) in combination with heavier standard weight training.

    Goal: I want to be down to 260lbs, no Gut!

    Thats it...
  9. 02ss
    Update: 405 bench
    405 squat, not quite 90 degrees but didn't feel too bad.

  10. Networkingguru
    34 years old, 5'8", 290 lbs.

    Started back lifting ~3 months ago after a 10 year hiatus. Bests so far are 285x5 on bench, 370x5 deep squat and 275x5 dead (pathetic, I know, but my forearms can't keep up yet).

    Currently using a variation of Madcow's 5x5 and seeing great results. Only Protein, Fish Oil, and multivitamins for supplementation. Drinking a meal replacement shake twice a day (Breakfast and Dinner) and eating a lot of lean meat and good carbs for lunch.

    Current short-term goals (by middle of June, which will be 6 months) are:
    Bench: 345 x 5
    Squat: 490 x 5
    Dead: 335 x 5

    If I lose weight, that's great, but not really my short-term goal. Long term goal is to get down to a very solid 200 lbs.
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