MMA fans...lets talk Jon Jones for a little

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Jon Jones is no doubt talented and has the physical attributes to make his skillset more of an issue for his opponents. I don't see anyone in his weight division that (the UFC) presents a serious challenge. Is there anyone outside of the UFC in another league that presents a challenge?

Right now it just seems they are giving him a fight because of his contract. Gustaffason (sp?) doesn't present a problem IMO. He lost to Phil Davis and Jones has everything Mr. Wonderful has plus some. Gustaffason beat Shogun, but it was nothing to write home about.

Jones wants to be known as the best and right now he is, at least in his weight class. Should he pack on some weight a go up the heavy weight? Maybe have a fight or two in the heavy weight - but with an opponent that isn't 50lbs heavier than him? I it just seems that we have a talented guy who isn't really being pushed.
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