Why are truck drivers such colossal a-holes?

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Since I drive 35 miles to and from work each day, I find my patience with truck drivers has worn very thin. I want to rage when one of them, driving 20 miles slower than the fast lane traffic, pulls into the fast lane to pass another slow ass truck but makes no effort to go faster as to not hold up fast lane traffic. I was part of a 25 car group being held up by 2 trucks side by side for about 8 miles. One was going 60, the other was going 60.3. This was in a 75mph zone. I know they are the lifeblood of our economy but seriously, fuck those assholes that do that shit.
Yup, like the other guys said: a lot of trucks are governed. Especially if they belong to the biggest companies. They say it's for insurance reasons, but I don't believe them. It's for fuel economy. With fuel at $4+ per gallon, there are tremendous savings to be had by increasing fuel mileage. The big companies want their trucks to be rolling a good 140,000 miles per year--or more if it's a team driving situation (reefers and just in time situations). But say a truck gets 5 mpg going 70 and 6 mpg going 60. For 140,000 miles that's savings of almost $19K per year, per truck. A fleet like JB Hunt has probably 10,000 trucks so that's a sizeable chunk of change that can be distributed to the stock holders!
Your numbers are slightly off. It depends on the speed and the load but each 5mph is roughly .4 mile per gallon savings. But that grows exponentially with speed. From 70 to 65 there is a four tenths rough savings, but from 80 to 75 it's more like one mpg. The maintenance factors also decrease with speed being lowered. Tires, brakes and components have a better life.

When you're looking at it one truck at a time the maintenance factor savings are low, but look at a fleet and it can be big big dollars.

On an over the road sleeper application new trucks today get between 6 and 7 mpg. My savings calculator is on my work laptop and I'm not breaking that out but IIRC saving .5 mpg on a 120,000 mpy team tractor saves like $500 to $600+ per month per truck. That's huge even for a one man operation. Fuel is a HUGE conversation and it's why you see trailer skirts and the back door origami on trailers these days.
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