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  1. I hope you have been practicing on Hawx 2 ..
  2. Go here and mess around with options and it will give you a pop up or highlight in black you have a PM or a visitor message..
  3. Yeah when you login in it says you have 1 notification or if your online it will be like a PM saying you have a new one..
  4. So this alerts you right away?
  5. My channel is that's what I meant by leaving a message there since it alerts me.. I am about to go kill some Zeds ..
  6. Here is a link to all the planes on Hawx 2 it shows the all the planes, the quality is terrible but it gives you a good idea of all the planes.. Skip to 7:42 and you can see all the uploads and how to unlock planes..

    [ame=""]Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 100% Complete Everything - YouTube[/ame]
  7. Just sent you a PM if you don't mind when you leave a message try and do it on my channel bc it alerts me.. No big deal I have typed on my page numerous times and wondered why people never messaged me back..
  8. You can beat the entire game in about 4-5 hours and some missions you get a lot of points then restart the checkpoint and you could have every plane before the ending.. Watch a couple videos on youtube and see if you like it there is a local shop that had one for $7 and I can grab it for you this weekend if you like.. I need help in co op and survival on getting the achievments, if u have a controller I can get you the game and I can help you from the start to the end..
  9. All the planes in Hawx2, plus you get be the gunner on a AC-130, I highlighted my favs.. Some you have to unlock but you will have all of them at the end..

    ■A-6A Intruder
    ■A-10A Thunderbolt II
    ■EA-6B Prowler
    ■EF-111A Raven
    Eurofighter Typhoon
    ■F-14A Tomcat
    ■F-15E StrikeEagle
    ■F-16A Fighting Falcon
    ■F-22 Raptor
    ■F-35B Lightning II (JSF)
    ■F-117A Nighthawk
    ■FA-18 RC
    ■F-18 HARV (Gamestation pre-order bonus)
    ■FA-18C Hornet
    ■FA-18E Super Hornet
    ■MiG-21 Fishbed
    ■MiG-23 Flogger
    ■MiG-25 Foxbat
    ■MiG-29 Fulcrum
    ■MiG-31 Foxhound
    ■MiG-33 Super Fulcrum
    ■Mirage F-1
    ■Rafale M
    ■Saab JAS-39 Gripen
    ■Su-25 Frogfoot
    ■Su-27 Flanker
    ■Su-34 Fullback
    ■Su-35 Super Flanker
    Su-37 Super Flanker (Terminator)
    ■Su-39 Frogfoot
    ■Su-47 Berkut
  10. $13??? Regular controller? Oh snap I am IN!!!!!!!!!!

    Gotta get me an A10
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