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  1. Song about Sodomy

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    I use to think this song is about love betrayal or Lost of Love...... I was so naive and wrong!

    I still can't wrap my head around this song is about Sodomy
  2. Week of 7/28 OMG this year is flying by

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    Sounds like a cool documentary. You remember the name? Its freaking cool seeing crows and ravens solve problems in videos. They dont even have a neocortex! Though they have a different structure that may serve roughly the same purpose.
    A murder of crows.

    There you go. It's about an hour. If you can't see it there, it's on YT as well.
  3. Rant

    Pro tip: don't call your insurance company (or any other company for that matter) while you are driving and have absolutely no identifiable account info of any kind, while you have a screaming kid and a bad signal
  4. I'm out!!!!!

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    fuck me and my poverty lifestyle...

    I hate this thread....
  5. April Week Four '14

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    I looked up the listing for a ranch house just listed near my parents house. I have been watching it sit empty for years, but have always liked it. It's just a smidge out of my budget.
    I don't think that's a bad price. The Zillow est monthy mortgage is less than my rent. The taxes of almost 500/mo would break me though.
    Home price variation always gets me. My house ...
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