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Rank Username GamerTag GamerScore Reputation Last Played Games
76th DiamondJoeQuimby CGM05GOAT Send CGM05GOAT a message Add CGM05GOAT to your friends list 9365
NCAA® Football 10 Assassin's Creed Rogue Minecraft Grand Theft Auto V NBA 2K12
77th Big D Z VonHop Send VonHop a message Add VonHop to your friends list 8819
Minecraft Gears of War KS: Season Two Kinect Sports NHL® 15
78th ncd1966 ncdls1 Send ncdls1 a message Add ncdls1 to your friends list 7680
Grand Theft Auto V Angry Birds Classic TEKKEN TAG 2 Forza Motorsport 4
79th jlayer Slayer2003z Send Slayer2003z a message Add Slayer2003z to your friends list 7555
Borderlands Pre-Sequel Borderlands 2 LEGO® Jurassic World™ Minecraft: Story Mode LEGO® Batman™ 3
80th Roger Z06 Roger Z06 Vette Send Roger Z06 Vette a message Add Roger Z06 Vette to your friends list 7485
Mortal Kombat Call of Duty Black Ops Mortal Kombat vs. DCU Guitar Hero World Tour GTA IV
81st FlyBono24 flybono24 Send flybono24 a message Add flybono24 to your friends list 7390
Assassin's Creed II The Force Unleashed Madden NFL 13 Madden NFL 12 Madden NFL 11
82nd doc420 doctor420 Send doctor420 a message Add doctor420 to your friends list 7250
COD: Black Ops II Halo: Reach Halo 4 Battlefield 3 Gears of War 3
83rd Royale With Cheese Chilly Ry Send Chilly Ry a message Add Chilly Ry to your friends list 7180
SSX™ Call of Duty®: Ghosts Forza Motorsport 3
84th upsizin SaddestBison Send SaddestBison a message Add SaddestBison to your friends list 7135
FIFA 13 Left 4 Dead Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Tetris Splash Darksiders II
85th Nate94GT Nate94gt Send Nate94gt a message Add Nate94gt to your friends list 7005
TigerWoodsPGATOUR® 10 Forza Motorsport 4 Grand Theft Auto V NCAA® Football 14 Madden NFL 13
86th Liv4toast Liv4toast Send Liv4toast a message Add Liv4toast to your friends list 6830
87th 70Chevelle LS1Chevelle Send LS1Chevelle a message Add LS1Chevelle to your friends list 6595
Forza Motorsport 3 The Walking Dead
88th BRKENG brkeng Send brkeng a message Add brkeng to your friends list 6470
Rocksmith 2014 Just Dance 2014 Kinect Sports Civilization Revolut'n Forza Motorsport 4
89th Firehawk Iron Condor Z Send Iron Condor Z a message Add Iron Condor Z to your friends list 6245
Star Ocean: TLH South Park™: TSOT Diablo III: RoS FH2: Fast & Furious XCOM: Enemy Unknown
90th IMPOSTER PdL 2d Mtl Send PdL 2d Mtl a message Add PdL 2d Mtl to your friends list 6025
NFS Most Wanted Force Unleashed II Robotron: 2084 Street Fighter II' HF The Force Unleashed
91st LSUguru MUNKEYMCLOVIN Send MUNKEYMCLOVIN a message Add MUNKEYMCLOVIN to your friends list 5550
Call of Duty Black Ops Modern Warfare® 3 NBA 2K12 Call of Duty: WaW Madden NFL 12
92nd Mark ReefFreak Send ReefFreak a message Add ReefFreak to your friends list 5475
93rd OvrKill MercifulCobra Send MercifulCobra a message Add MercifulCobra to your friends list 5360
Trials HD NBA JAM: OFE The Evil Within Sniper Elite V2 Mafia II
94th Big3etr BIG3ETR Send BIG3ETR a message Add BIG3ETR to your friends list 5275
Call of Duty Black Ops COD: Black Ops II Minecraft Modern Warfare® 3 Modern Warfare® 2
95th 01z28 O1Z28 Send O1Z28 a message Add O1Z28 to your friends list 5205
NBA 2K12 Call of Duty®: Ghosts Tetris Splash Mortal Kombat
96th Rapph Rapph Send Rapph a message Add Rapph to your friends list 5100
Catherine Soulcalibur IV GTA IV NINJA GAIDEN 2 Feeding Frenzy
97th 1badWS6 thatNastyNinja Send thatNastyNinja a message Add thatNastyNinja to your friends list 5037
Modern Warfare® 3 Destiny Borderlands Halo 4
98th Droppedlime TheBigBirdy Send TheBigBirdy a message Add TheBigBirdy to your friends list 4945
Grand Theft Auto V State of Decay Dead Island Red Dead Redemption Mass Effect 2
99th MYRED Brockv8 Send Brockv8 a message Add Brockv8 to your friends list 4789
FIFA 12 Halo: Reach FIFA 10 Call of Duty Black Ops Call of Duty 4
100th The Beatles transamftw Send transamftw a message Add transamftw to your friends list 4650
Dead Island Call of Duty Black Ops Modern Warfare® 3 COD: Black Ops II LEGO® Harry Potter™
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