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Rank Username GamerTag GamerScore Reputation Last Played Games
51st CAMN SS h0tm3nz Send h0tm3nz a message Add h0tm3nz to your friends list 17080
Forza Motorsport 4 Grand Theft Auto V Forza Horizon MLB 2K13 Call of Duty Black Ops
52nd Locker537 Locker537 Send Locker537 a message Add Locker537 to your friends list 16600
Super Meat Boy Perfect Dark Halo: Reach Battlefield 3 Microsoft Minesweeper
53rd ILoveBooty Yoshis Drunk Send Yoshis Drunk a message Add Yoshis Drunk to your friends list 16465
Mirror's Edge™ Feeding Frenzy 2 Bejeweled 2 Heavy Weapon I AM Alive
54th x3ro whoisx3ro Send whoisx3ro a message Add whoisx3ro to your friends list 16332
Carcassonne Borderlands 2 Gears of War 3 Gears of War Call of Duty Black Ops
55th Dr.Mario FighterHayabusa Send FighterHayabusa a message Add FighterHayabusa to your friends list 16206
Call of Duty®: Ghosts Call of Duty Black Ops Castle Crashers Halo 3 Catherine
56th abax44 MissedGravy Send MissedGravy a message Add MissedGravy to your friends list 15950
Just Cause 2 Fallout 3 Borderlands Pre-Sequel LEGO® Marvel Viva Piñata
57th four o two Buk La0 Send Buk La0 a message Add Buk La0 to your friends list 15378
58th JR2002WS6 JWStriker Send JWStriker a message Add JWStriker to your friends list 14534
59th gremlin Gremillionaire Send Gremillionaire a message Add Gremillionaire to your friends list 14145
Borderlands Advanced Warfare Viva Piñata Call of Duty®: Ghosts Modern Warfare® 3
60th Pitbull329 PitBull329 Send PitBull329 a message Add PitBull329 to your friends list 13830
Geometry Wars Evolved² Hexic HD COD: Black Ops II
61st TTU TTU98SS Send TTU98SS a message Add TTU98SS to your friends list 13817
SSX™ Red Dead Redemption Grand Theft Auto V FIFA 13 Skyrim
62nd DustinWS6 DustinWS6 Send DustinWS6 a message Add DustinWS6 to your friends list 13815
Gears of War 3 Ultimate MK3 SEGA Bass Fishing COD: Black Ops II Halo 4
63rd DKenn08 AlteredLS1 Send AlteredLS1 a message Add AlteredLS1 to your friends list 13740
Portal 2 Trials Evolution Darksiders II Forza Horizon
64th jjs4you2 What Send What a message Add What to your friends list 13655
Diablo III: RoS COD: Black Ops II Diablo III Call of Duty®: Ghosts NINJA GAIDEN 2
65th MasonJar MasonJar69 Send MasonJar69 a message Add MasonJar69 to your friends list 13245
66th gaga MrGaga Send MrGaga a message Add MrGaga to your friends list 13000
Grand Theft Auto V Forza Motorsport 3 COD: Black Ops II
67th JonM2007 JonM2007 Send JonM2007 a message Add JonM2007 to your friends list 12851
Madden NFL 13 Mass Effect 3 Borderlands 2 Batman: Arkham City™
68th BigT Agent Johnson25 Send Agent Johnson25 a message Add Agent Johnson25 to your friends list 12297
Full House Poker Grand Theft Auto V NHL® 14 Sonic's UGC GTA IV
69th IceCold4x4 IceCold4x4 Send IceCold4x4 a message Add IceCold4x4 to your friends list 11975
Forza Motorsport 4 Forza Motorsport 3 Call of Duty Black Ops The Force Unleashed Force Unleashed II
70th JPBabyRange LORDNINE Send LORDNINE a message Add LORDNINE to your friends list 11866
Destiny Nickelodeon Dance 2 Fruit Ninja Kinect DuckTales: Remastered Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
71st Miller High Life DolamiteWS6 Send DolamiteWS6 a message Add DolamiteWS6 to your friends list 11175
Mortal Kombat GTA IV Gears of War: Judgment Gears of War 3 Mass Effect 3
72nd PC PaiN PC PaiN Send PC PaiN a message Add PC PaiN to your friends list 10490
Assassin's Creed® III AC Revelations Microsoft Solitaire COD: Black Ops II Microsoft Minesweeper
73rd Bernie BH4OSU Send BH4OSU a message Add BH4OSU to your friends list 10485
Red Dead Redemption Grand Theft Auto V Rocksmith Dragon Age II The Force Unleashed
74th Gone2 Gator Hum Send Gator Hum a message Add Gator Hum to your friends list 10109
YOU DON'T KNOW JACK® Rock Band 3 Band Hero Karaoke Revolution Guitar Hero Van Halen
75th Celerity SquaredEye Send SquaredEye a message Add SquaredEye to your friends list 9450
Gears of War 3 Skyrim Peggle
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