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  1. Why are truck drivers such colossal a-holes?

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    Since I drive 35 miles to and from work each day, I find my patience with truck drivers has worn very thin. I want to rage when one of them, driving 20 miles slower than the fast lane traffic, pulls into the fast lane to pass another slow ass truck but makes no effort to go faster as to not hold up fast lane traffic. I was part of a 25 car group being held up by 2 trucks side by side for about 8 miles. One was going 60, the other was going 60.3. This was in a 75mph zone. I know they are the
  2. *** Official Call of Duty Ghosts thread v. PS 3 can suck it ***

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    I've been doing better since equipping the muzzle brake attachment. I can actually usually get a positive k/d now!
    I still can't find a gun I like
  3. official novembeard crew...plz check in

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    Begin thread.
    Do I fuckin look Asian in my avatar

    I just fuckin measured myself and I am 6'2.75"

    Does that sound Asian to you?

    Stay the Fuck outta my threads, Dale.
  4. I'm bored...(Official BS Thread) Part 749

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    YAY ME!
  5. Temper Temper

    I've read on this site over the years about people who think that you should just be able to calm yourself down and relax and not get mad. I on the other hand cannot. I have an extremely violent and nasty temper, I go through great pains not to loose it.

    I've been on medicine ( i lack the man gene of awesome so i'm medicated) and i've taken Anger Management classes more times than I care to remember. BUT what I have learned it the signs that I need to step away from everyone. ...